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Air Freight

Our Air Freight and Logistics Services is all about ensuring the quick, secure, and efficient delivery of your cargo to its destination. Whether you’re dealing with critical shipments, high-value merchandise, or complex logistics demands, JAML International provides dependable and efficient solutions for all your air transport requirements.


What is Air Freight?

Air freight, also referred to as air cargo, is an efficient method of transporting goods and commodities using aircraft. This mode of transportation is renowned for its speed and reliability, making it an attractive choice for moving products across long distances when compared to alternatives like land freight and sea freight. It is an important component of the global logistics industry, providing businesses with a fast, reliable, and efficient way to move their goods.

Air freight involves transporting goods by plane, either on specialized cargo planes or in the cargo hold of commercial passenger flights. It is a fast and reliable way to ship goods long distances, especially time-sensitive shipments, perishable items, high-value goods, and temperature-controlled products.

Moreover, air freight encompasses a wide range of cargo types, including general cargo, express shipments, project cargo, hazardous materials, and more. Whether you need to move products domestically or internationally, air freight is the ideal solution to reduce transit times and ensure goods arrive in optimal condition.

Furthermore, given its global reach and ability to connect businesses to markets worldwide, air freight is an essential component of today’s global economy. It remains the favored choice for many industries seeking fast, reliable, and efficient logistics solutions.

Advantages of Air Transport

Air freight is the fastest, most reliable, and flexible mode of transportation available. It can transport a wide range of cargo types, from small parcels to oversized or specialized goods, to any destination in the world. Air freight is also a secure way to transport time-sensitive shipments, such as emergency supplies to disaster areas. Here are some examples of the benefits of air transportation.


Air freight can deliver goods anywhere in the world in a matter of days or even hours. This is ideal for businesses that need to get their products to market quickly or for customers who need their goods urgently.


Air cargo has a very high on-time delivery rate. This is because airlines are subject to strict regulations and are highly motivated to meet their schedules.


Additionally, air freight services can accommodate a wide range of cargo types and sizes. This makes it a good choice for businesses that need to transport a variety of goods. Which can include fragile items or hazardous materials.


Moreover, air shipment is a very secure way to transport goods. Cargo is typically stored in secure warehouses and transported in secure aircraft. This is ideal for businesses that need to transport sensitive or valuable goods.

Air Freight Process

Air freight is a fast and efficient way to transport goods around the world. It involves several key steps to ensure the safe and timely delivery of cargo.

  • Preparation | This involves packing the goods securely in accordance with air freight regulations. The goods must also be labeled correctly and accompanied by the necessary documentation.
  • Booking | Once the goods are ready, they need to be booked with an air freight forwarder. The forwarder like JAML International will arrange for the goods to be transported to the airport.
  • Pickup | The air freight forwarder will pick up the goods from the shipper’s premises and transport them to the airport.
  • Customs Clearance | If the goods are being imported or exported, they will need to be cleared by customs. The air freight forwarder can assist with this process.

Once the goods have been cleared by customs, they will be loaded onto the aircraft and transported to their destination. The air freight forwarder will then arrange for the goods to be delivered to the consignee’s location.


Why Choose JAML International for Air Freight?

Why We Choose International Air Freight Forwarding?

Ans: We can help you to ship your goods to any destination in the world, by air. We will take care of all the logistics, including booking cargo space, arranging for customs clearance, and delivering your goods to their destination.

Can you offer me Door-to-door Air Freight sevice?

Ans: Additionally, we can pick up your goods from your place and deliver them to the consignee's premises, all the way. This is a convenient and hassle-free way to ship your goods. And it gives you peace of mind knowing that your goods are in good hands.

What is Consolidation & Deconsolidation ?

Ans: If you are shipping small quantities of goods, we can consolidate them with other customers' goods to save you money on shipping costs. We can also de-consolidate goods for you after they have arrived at their destination.

Dangerous Goods Transportation?

Ans: Furthermore, we are certified to transport dangerous goods by air. We have the experience and expertise to handle dangerous goods safely and in accordance with all applicable regulations.