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Sea Freight

At JAML International, our mission is to simplify the complexities of sea freight for you. Through strategic partnerships with renowned shipping companies, we offer flexible sea cargo and international sea freight services suited to your unique requirements. Our sea freight services stand out as a result of our strong and trustworthy collaborations with major shipping entities. These strong partnerships enable us to offer substantial advantages to our clients who rely on ocean shipping.

Sea Freight

Understanding Sea Freight

Sea freight, often referred to as ocean freight, is the practice of moving goods and cargo across the world’s oceans through the use of cargo ships. This method of transportation has a long history and remains one of the most common types of international shipping. This is due to its cost-efficiency and capacity for transporting substantial volumes of goods.

Sea freight contains the transportation of different cargo types, including raw materials, finished products, machinery, and consumer goods. These items are typically loaded into standardized shipping containers, which are then placed aboard specialized cargo vessels. These vessels cross established maritime routes, connecting ports across the globe.

Advantages of Ocean Freight


Sea freight always offers a cost-effective option to other transport methods, especially for bulky or heavy cargo, making it an effective choice for businesses seeking cost savings.

Versatile Cargo Options

The flexibility of cargo vessels, available in different sizes, allows for the transportation of a diverse range of cargo types and quantities, from small containers to massive bulk carriers.

Global Accessibility

Ocean freight services provide global connectivity, linking major ports worldwide, and granting businesses access to an extensive array of international markets for their goods.

Slow but Reliable

While ocean cargo transportation may not be the fastest option, it is highly dependable and capable of efficiently handling heavy cargo volumes, ensuring the secure and timely delivery of goods.

Stages of Sea Freight

At JAML International, we take pride in offering a diverse range of land freight services carefully modified to meet the different needs of our valued clients. Our network ensures comprehensive coverage throughout the GCC region, facilitating seamless cargo transport within these nations. Our services include:

  • Booking & Planning – The voyage begins with route selection and the provision of essential documentation. Careful planning is important, considering factors like cargo weight, dimensions, travel distance, and the desired delivery timeframe.
  • Packaging & Labeling – The next phase involves the careful packaging and labeling of your goods. Proper packaging ensures the safety and security of cargo during transit, while clear and precise labeling is essential for accurate identification.
  • Customs Clearance – Accurate and comprehensive documentation, encompassing bills of lading, commercial invoices, packing lists, and any mandatory permits or certificates, is prepared. Customs clearance is also an important stage, ensuring compliance with import/export regulations, the settlement of duties, and compliance with customs protocols.
  • Loading & Unloading – Once your shipment is prepared, it is carefully loaded onto the vessel. The loading and unloading process demands careful oversight to guarantee the safe handling of goods.
  • Delivery – Upon reaching the destination, the recipient or consignee takes possession of the cargo, inspects it for any potential damage, and acknowledges receipt. The final leg of the sea freight process involves delivering the goods to the recipient’s specified location.

While the accurate sequence of steps in sea freight shipping may vary depending on factors such as the shipping carrier, destination, and the nature of the cargo, the overarching process remains consistent. Each of these phases involves meticulous planning, complete documentation, and coordination to ensure the successful and efficient transportation of goods via sea freight.


Why Choose JAML International for Sea Freight?

Our Sea Freight services serve as the cornerstone of our comprehensive logistics solutions. We excel in providing dependable and efficient ocean transportation services for goods of all sizes. With our vast experience and broad global network, you can have confidence in our ability to transport your cargo securely and cost-effectively. Our sea freight services include: